statue under the firethe center for documenting the tokyo raids and war damages

Research Activities

研究活動紹介Since 2006, our research department has been involved in gathering, organizing, and analyzing accounts of air raids and other wartime events. We are involved in many such academic activities as part of our mission to investigate and consider all aspects of the air raid experience. We sponsor regular conferences and symposiums in addition to publishing reports of these proceedings as the "War Damages Research Department Newsletter" and other documents.


センター刊行出版物In addition to reports of center-sponsored events, we also publish collections of survivor accounts. One popular booklet has been the "Walker's Guide to the Great Tokyo Air Raid: Starting from The Center of the Tokyo Raids and War Damage." More and more people can be seen with this guidebook in hand as they make their own pilgrimages through the air raid sites.

Events and Gatherings

Many events are scheduled around March 10 each year, including guest seminars and the "Remembering the Great Tokyo Air Raid" meeting for young people. We are happy to have the participation of many individuals who hope for a peaceful world. In addition, there are survivor speakers for summer vacation programs, a meeting to commemorate the "Children's World Peace Statue" on May 5, and other themed events that all help us to interact not only with the residents of the Koto area, but with citizens from all over Tokyo.

Supporting Members and Donations

センターニュースThe center is maintained and operated through the generous donations of our supporters. Supporting members (Personal membership: \2000 / year; Group / Corporate membership: \10,000 / year) receive the center's newsletter twice a year. Subscriptions can be paid to "The Center of the Tokyo Raid and War Damages (in Japanese)" through postal account number: 00170-6-123225.